Saturday, October 21, 2023

Couple million streams? Check. On the New Music Awards 2020 hotlist? Anyway. Sold out concerts? Obviously. With “Average” and “Power”, Nina Chuba has released two EPs in twelve months, which sound like anything but German pop. What the 22-year-old did with songs like “I Can’t Sleep” and “Who Hurt You” was too edgy, unique and different: Artsy and avant-garde, a bit savage, a bit average. Nina doesn’t make a big difference and charmingly transfers the vibe of her tracks into her own TikTok feed. Celebrate her more than 200,000 followers – regardless of whether Nina is flexing with her OOTD or a new rap part.

By the way: From now on there are a few more than before. Because after Nina Chuba turned the English-language pop inside out in passing, it’s now German rap’s turn. In fact, up to date and still away from everything. With productions by Dokii, but also Juh-Dee and Young Mesh, who have already had gold and platinum hits for artists such as Shirin David, Apache 207 and Summer Cem. Visa Vie has long been a fan, Falk Schacht is already talking about the next big thing in German rap – and the first features with well-known rap colleagues should also drop soon.