Saturday, October 21, 2023

makko is a man of many trades, a man with many trademarks: relaxed-honest deep voice flow, maximum anti-allure, the widest tooth gap in the city, just those “Switch Heels” & Co. with which the now regularly streamed millionfold rapper / skater / boloboy blesses skate spots between Lichtenberg and NYC.

Having moved from Brandenburg to Berlin at an early age, his resume so far reads like a reversed Lil Wayne – first came skateboarding and with it music (and jibbits), until makko finally realized that flow, pop and style were also on the tip of his tongue. Since then, stylistically mobile between hip-hop, 4/4 beats and other sounds from the Boloboys universe on the road, the probably niceste rapper of Germany has recently actually made the #1 in the single charts – with the track “Nachts wach”, which he recorded together with Miksu & Macloud.