The festival area is on Friday, 21. October 2022, and Saturday, 22. October 2022, opened from 10:00 to 03:00 o'clock.

Travel relaxed by train. Extra trains are provided for departure. With a Big Air Chur 2022 you get a ticket 20% Discount on your public transport journey. Tickets are from 01.09.2022 available at the ticket office or online.

From Chur train station there is a free shuttle bus to the festival area.

Visitors will find the parking lot after the exit "Chur Süd" on the A13 motorway.


  • The parking lot is located directly next to the site and is signposted from the motorway exit "Chur Süd".
  • There is a fee of CHF per day for using the car park 10.- an.
    The required parking voucher can be purchased online at Ticketmaster.
  • For holders of a VIP Guest Zone ticket, parking is free and included in the ticket. Please have your VIP Guest Zone ticket ready when you arrive.

Important: Parking outside the marked areas is not permitted. Cars parked illegally, will be towed away for a fee. (The Festival declines all liability)

We offer on Friday and Saturday from 09:00 up to approx.. 03:00 Clock a free shuttle bus service between Chur train station and the festival area.


Where there are many people, a lot of waste is produced. For the benefit of all, but also for the sake of our environment, we ask you for active support. It has marked waste islands throughout the festival area (incl. Separate PET- and ALU collection containers). Please use them and do not throw your waste on the ground. This is a great help for our tidying team, which is working around the clock..

For children and adolescents under 16 years the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Young people under 18 years is the consumption of spirits and drinks with spirits (Mixed drinks) strictly prohibited. If the age is not undoubtedly above the legal limits, an ID card must be shown (ID) to the staff.
Drink enough non-alcohol drinks and eat enough during the concert! This will help you, to stay fit and healthy.

Tickets must be exchanged for a festival wristband at the entrance. The wristband must be worn tightly around the wrist. Opened, defective or lost wristbands lose their value. The festival wristband is provided with proof of age. It will only be issued upon showing of an official identity document. (e.g.. ID) . (Identification required)!

The area is generally wheelchair accessible. There are disabled toilets and a wheelchair-accessible platform with a view of the stage and jump. These areas are also accessible to an accompanying person. Please take into account, that the concert takes place on an open area. Depending on the weather, maneuvering a wheelchair can be sometimes cumbersome.

battery empty? We guarantee you a full cell phone at the festival. With our partner Chimpy you can for 5.- Rent a full power bank in CHF.

A deposit of CHF 2.– will be charged on each drink purchased..

Drugs are prohibited.

Together with our partners from the "Food" & Beverage" industry, we present a diverse and varied food- offer: Whether "good bourgeois" Swiss, asian, mexican, italian or vegetarian – nothing will be missing. And this at fair prices.
Restriction of beverages: Drinks may not be carried on the festival area.

Professional photo- and video recordings are not allowed on the festival area. Small digicams and smartphones may also be used in the festival grounds.

You found something? You lost something?? No worries! The festival lost and found office is located at the well-marked Info-Point / Box office at the main entrance.

After the event, the lost property will be handed over to the Municipal Lost and Found Office:
Police station Chur

Quiet music is not a pleasure. Too loud music also not. We adhere to the existing regulation regarding maximum volume. If this is still too loud for you, you can and should protect yourself. That's why we distribute ear plugs free of charge. Where? At the Info-Point, at the stage ditch as well as at exposed bars.

Our employees are available for questions or concerns of any kind. The information booth is located at the main entrance (Box Office).
It is open throughout the event hours. In advance we are available for information at via mail.


  • Children up to 10 years receive free admission accompanied by an adult (until one day before their 11. th birthday)
  • Children between 11 to 15 years pay a reduced child price (until one day before their 16. th birthday)
  • Above 16 years the normal price applies

People under 16 Years must either be accompanied by a legal guardian or have a written confirmation from the parents with you.

Only a person can become an "accompanying person", that meets the following requirements:

  • the person is over 18 years old,
  • the person presents a signed power of attorney from the person with parental authority for parental authority, the power of attorney is enclosed with a copy of the identity card of the person entitled to custody
  • the person shows maturity, to be able to responsibly provide the necessary support to a child in the situation,
  • the person can ensure the child's journey home.

Afterparties access restrictions: To the party tents (Afterparties) the inlet is off 16 years.

We provide lockers with our partner Mobile Locker. There are lockers at the south and north entrances (large and small lockers). Valuables and objects can be deposited there, that you do not want to take with you on the premises. The lockers can be paid for with EC and credit cards.

A music festival is a torment for animals. Therefore: please leave your beloved four-legged friends at home. Also, for hygienic reasons, we cannot tolerate you on the premises. Thank you for your understanding!


In addition to intensified entrance controls, all bags and backpacks that are a size of 21 x 30 Centimetre (A4) or bigger are prohibited on the festival grounds. Small body bags that remain below the mentioned size are allowed, however, are checked when entering the festival site. Gymbags are allowed on the festival area.
Lockers are also available at the main entrance.

Basically, the vehicle is the safest place in the event of a storm. Visitor, who have free places in the vehicles, should signal this with the hazard lights switched on and take in visitors without their own vehicle. In case of severe weather, wooded areas and trees should be avoided. Likewise, the immediate proximity to any metallic objects on the event site (e.g.. light towers, speaker towers, etc.). Follow the instructions of the security forces and stick to the evacuation plan.

In cooperation with a medical service provider, first aid is offered during the opening hours of the festival site. The paramedics are located in front of the entrance of the Guest Zone.

The following items are prohibited on the festival area and may not be taken along:

  • Any drinks in glass bottles, can, PET and tetra containers
  • Gas spray cans, colouring, corrosive or otherwise harmful substances
  • Food of all kinds
  • Drugs
  • Liquids in glass, cans and other containers
  • Professional Photo Cameras, video cameras and recording devices of any format, selfie stick
  • Laptops, Tablets
  • Weapons of all kinds, Materials, which can be used as weapons or projectiles, Laser pointer
  • Large sports bags, Bags or large backpacks (> 21 x 29.7cm)
  • Sports equipment such as roller skates or kickboards
  • Transparent, signs larger than A2 as well as flags with rod length over 1 meter
  • Fireworks, Sparklers, smoke petards, other pyro- and bengali parts included. launchers
  • Animals
  • Materials, clothing and/or media with racist, xenophobic, glorifying violence and discriminating imprint or content

From the beginning of the event to the end of the departure, we also inform you around the clock in the following media about weather developments and, if necessary, emergency measures to be initiated.