Persons from 12 years receive only with a valid Covid certificate (Recover, Recovered, Tested) Access to the site. ID is required for verification of your personal details and your Covid certificate. All further information on the Covid certificate::

As a guest, you are required , to carry your Covid certificate at all times. Accordingly, you should ensure, that your smartphone is charged so that you can show your certificate. The Covid certificate is checked every time you enter the site.


  • The following conditions must be met for you, to receive the Covid certificate::
  1. The vaccine is authorised in Switzerland.
  2. The vaccination must be complete. That means the Certificate for vaccinated persons is valid for 365 days from the date of administration of the last vaccination dose. For more information, about how to obtain your Covid certificate, please visit the canton's website::


You can get a Covid certificate, if the Covid disease has been confirmed by a positive PCR test and no longer than 180 days ago.

The validity starts on the 11. day after the positive test result and lasts for 180 days. You can apply for the Covid certificate in your canton using an online form.. The certificate will then be sent to you in paper form by post..


  • Antigen Rapid test: A certificate can be obtained by means of antigen rapid test. This test is for 48 hours valid.
    With our partner Testmobil.ch there will be a test centre in front of the entrance area, where you can have a rapid antigen test (incl. Covid Certificate) taken. However, you can also take a rapid antigen test in advance at a licensed pharmacy or test center (***) to be carried out. It is important, that the test site then creates the Covid certificate..
  • PCR Test: A certificate can be obtained by means of a PCR test.. This test is for 72 hours valid. The costs of the PCR test are borne by the federal government only if symptoms are present..
  • Antigen self-testing: Certificates cannot be issued for self-testing..


With our partner www.testmobil.ch and the Covent-Webapplikation there is a test centre on site. If you still need a Covid certificate before the event, you are welcome to do this in our test center in front of the main entrance south. The test center has opened on the training days Wednesday and Thursday from 08.00 to 17.00 o' clock opened. On Friday and Saturday, the test center has opened from 08.00 to 20.00 o'clock. The test costs CHF 35.–

Please prepare accordingly for the test, so that there is no delay on site:

  1. Important: Complete your Covent Registration online and in advance to the festival and log in: www.covent.ch
    Registration with Covent is a basic requirement to be able to have a test carried out on site.
    Learn more about Covent registration: Quick Start Guide Covent
  2. Have your identity card/ID and health insurance card ready
  3. For children between 12 – 16 Years (Attention, Obligatory testing!) please do not forget the health insurance card (the tests are for the children up to 16 Years free of charge).

All important preliminary information about testing and certificate can be found here summarized: Informations Big Air



  • Before entering the festival area (before the certificate exam) there is a mask requirement at critical points (Entrance area, Test center, Bus stop). Areas that require a mask are signposted. We beg you, To stick to it.
  • After the 3G check (incl. official ID Card) there is no more mask obligation. Nevertheless, we ask you, don't forget, to wash or disinfect your hands regularly..
  • All sanitary facilities and catering areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals..
  • Please follow the instructions and information on site.

You can also find more information in our FAQ.


If you have a positive Covid test, you cannot visit the festival. We recommend you, if you did a rapid antigen test, to have a PCR test carried out. But you have to go into isolation, that means: Return home and security, while wearing a mask and keeping your distance. All further information on isolation and quarantine can be found at the FOPH:

The exact procedure, if you tested positive, can be found summarized in this sheet:


In case of a positive antigen rapid test you can unfortunately not participate in the festival. Please follow the following recommendations and instructions:

  • Please go immediately into isolation and make sure, that in the meantime you wear a mask and keep your distance. Even if you show no symptoms, you can infect other people.
      • Follow the instructions of the test center, at which you do the PCR-Test. Basically applies: No symptoms at the time of testing: you can leave the isolation 10 days after the test result.
  • Inform the persons , with which you had contact in the 3 days days, about the result and recommend them, to make a rapid test.
  • You can get a refund of the ticket price. The link, incl. the instructions and required information, will be published shortly.


In the event of a positive test result (Antigen rapid test or PCR test) the refund of the ticket price is guaranteed. You can find all further details and the refund form here: Covid-19 Refund