Saturday, October 21, 2023

«Eis Jahr paar tusig Stunde, ein Part du gahsch verschwunde. Alles easy, nur ei Gigi und s ganze Land muss mal starch schlucke», with these lines Gigi made himself talked about at the Bounce Cypher 2022. With just four released songs, she was invited to the scene-famous event and shortly thereafter became one of the most clicked performances of the event ever. What she has achieved – many rappers in Switzerland dream of: to stand out from a mass of almost 100 artists. What happens now is clear: the eyes of the scene rest on her. But that’s no problem for the 21-year-old: “I’ve come to stay!”. She wants to continue to do this with music in her native language, Swiss German, and a strong message: it stands for both self-love and vulnerability. She is provocative and yet approachable. She stands up for female empowerment. Their sound is modern, their lyrics snotty and cheeky. She brings battle bars that hurt and punchlines that make you smile. However, their soundscapes are by no means standard. She’s into 808- beats, but doesn’t let genre boundaries stop her. Her DNA is rap, what she builds around it she leaves open. Gigi doesn’t want to be reduced to being a woman. She wants to be a role model for everyone and encourage young women to get into the rap game.

But the woman from Graubünden didn’t grow up with rap at all. Her first concert experiences included shows by “77 Bombay Street” or “Pegasus” – to which the music of “Mötley Crüe” sounded from the speakers of her childhood friend. So why limit yourself. Gigi has had a fine feeling for written language from an early age – she has always written poetry and her own lyrics. When she saw another woman rapping for the first time, it was clear to her in which direction it should go. Then, last fall, her first dialect single “Swissrap” was released. That was the starting point: “Then I knew where I wanted to go and what my vision was”. This was followed by a vertical takeoff. She made an appearance on “Enter the Circle,” which is all about Female Wave in German-language rap. She played her first concerts and releases more singles in dialect. Currently Gigi is working on new material in the studio and on her live program.