22:20 – 00:00

“To all DEICHKIND fans or the, who want to stay.

As we gather from well-informed tetrahedrons, is there 2022 another summer. For all, who no longer know, what is that: It's about a month, fairly well-tempered phase of the year, in which woman/man finds women and men even better than usual, Alcoholic beverages have a real thirst quenching function and the outside is the inside. So it's an okay change from memes and physio and depression and lonely walking. DEICHKIND, not stupid, react to this trend and then play open air concerts. With “spielen” means the serious business of performing a show up close, the squirts, the rain, he dried, massaged, knock you out, where you are right now, dances or pogs and all at the same time, in color and as loud as a mammoth, that has packed too many onions in its kofte, you understand? LIVE is life! So please make an entry in your medical calendar.