14:30 – 15:15

For the Valais woman with roots in the Ivory Coast, music is her very personal means of expression. She developed a unique blend of reggae and modern hip hop, a mix, which she complements with a touch of African music. The choice of instruments, typical of both reggae and trap, combines them with kalimbas, Balafons and other traditional musical instruments. Their music offers insight into a deep universe of sound.

For her new album «AKWABA» the actress, Dancer and musician in June 2018 traveled to their Ivorian homeland. In addition to her origins, KT Gorique also discovered her very own style in Abidjan: Future Roots. This is how «AKWABA» was born, a title, which was not chosen at random. In Baoulé (Ivorian dialect) does this word mean "welcome". That's what we want to call them!