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01099 is the family!This sentence characterizes Gustav's music, Paul and Zachi from Dresden. In the year 2018 they release their first songs and make a conscious decision to do so, to use their home county zip code as their band name. The Dresden Neustadt is the melting pot of 01099 ("Ninety Nine Ninety Nine"): The crew grows up in the neighborhood, meets at the bolt and still lives there today. 01099 is much more than just a district or project title: “With our band name we don't just think of ourselves, our friends and the neighborhood, but to all people, who feel our vibe and lifestyle.”

Singles like "Fresh", "Thirst quencher" and "Jacket closed" are prime examples of this, how frivolous 01099 juggling melodies and hip-hop, Combining pop and electronic music into a rousing mix of styles Am 25. March 2022 The crew's new album "Altbau" was released – filled with well-known songs like "Jacke zu" and "Dies & Das” as well as new material, and that 01099 have worked with the successful producers Lucry and Suena in Barcelona, ​​among others. The dreamy single "Glücklich" features a feature by CRO and Miksu / Macloud are part of the “2000s” journey. Do as usual 01099 Don't stop at genre boundaries and bring catchy melodies and danceable beats together with well thought-out lyrics.