16:45 – 17:50

Nura is a musician, actress, Best selling author and to say it with her own lyrics: Back there. Nura Habib Omer is back with old / new rigor and the usual joke and dropped this year “Never stress with cops” or “Backstage” Singles, who make even more anticipation for their second solo album.

During her musical break, the all-round talent from Berlin was by no means idle: In August 2020 Nura's autobiography “You know, what I mean?“, which is now a SPIEGEL bestseller, she played in various series and has been on the VOX show "Sing mein Song" since April.

After a sold out tour 2019 Nura will finally be back on the concert stage next year. With passion, Humor and charm enchants her audience. Your fans can then look forward to more songs from their upcoming album.