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Actually should have 2020 for facial expressions can hardly start better: The long-awaited comeback album "Forever No One" charted sensationally at number two on the Swiss album charts (a place behind Eminem) and quickly recorded over a million streams on Spotify. So everything was set up for the sold out record launch in the Lucerne Schüür and the subsequent tour across the Swiss concert halls and the subsequent summer festivals.

And then the virus came, That everyone has been talking about since the beginning of March at the latest and which paralyzed global life. In short, that means facial expressions: Record launch canceled, Concert stops canceled, the country in quarantine. And although God knows there are more important things than a music tour at such a moment, was clear: Sitting around doing nothing and killing time, that cannot be the solution. So facial expressions and house producer HSA went back to the studio without further ado and created a younger brother for "Forever Nobody": the "Forever Nobody" Deluxe Edition, the on 22. May 2020 comes out.

The Deluxe Edition for “Forever No One” is the same album, but with three new ones, additional songs. These three songs underline the claim again, which "Forever Nobody" already had as an album, namely that of the Champions League of Swiss rap music. Stylistically, it's more in the direction of modern R’n’B („Scarface“, with young Bernese talent Josha Hewitt), or in the well-known manner, together with companion Ali, the Hip Hop grapes are brought in- and stamped away („No meh (Blessed)“). The new single "Schwarze Hoodie" deserves a special mention., which can also be found on the “Forever No One” Deluxe Edition and from 8. May 2020 is available. On a pumping HSA beat, facial expressions quickly grab the entire rap hunger, who has been in the last few days, Weeks and months so pent up and breaks the beat into single in the manner of a motivated butcher apprentice- and double time flows alternating with a deep one, powerful hook. Every Swiss city feels the same as Queens. And so - that much is certain - facial expressions give the fans a little snack before the next concerts, which hopefully can take place in autumn. Then runs 2020 at least looking good.