15:30 – 16:15

Away from any trends and scenes, far from short-term and fast-moving influences; the music of LIV & Geesbeatz has always stood for itself. Stress, rauher Rap, which thrives underground and avoids the glaring headlights as much as possible. No compromises or adjustments are made for this, that the sound is honest, remains direct and dirty – as it must be.

With the “80is the Kidz EP” lead LIV & Geesbeatz based her discography “Lacuna” and the top 10 album “Giacometti” seamlessly in the usual style. Since last year's releases, there have been just a few more 30 new songs, of which six pieces on 28. May now saw the light of day in the music world in advance and took their place 52 the Swiss hit parade.

Thematically and in terms of sound technology, the Chur musicians do not necessarily break new ground, die Hörer erwarten wieder soulige Sample-Beats mit gradlinigen Texten über die Heimat Chur, Rap an sich sowie die Verbundenheit zu den 80er und 90er Jahren, daher auch der passende Titel der EP. LIV und Geesbeatz bleiben somit weiterhin ihrer Linie treu und die EP soll einen Vorgeschmack auf das ebenfalls diesen Jahres noch erscheinende Album bieten.